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Successful investing is relatively simple and requires education, portfolio diversification, and opportunity. On the other hand, trading the global financial markets is much more demanding and requires knowledge, strategy, money management, trading setups, and competitive brokers...



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Growth, Time, and Risk...

Balance every investment decision between these 3 factors and you will be rewarded... If you ignore time you will probably get bored, and if you ignore risk you will probably get bankrupt (G. P.)

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The team behind CapitalInvestor offers free consulting and several other free services for individual traders (i.e. Forex trading rebates) and a wide variety of advertising opportunities for financial companies...
Trading Rebates
A trading rebate is a cash-back program which involves earning commissions based on your trading volume. If you join our free rebate plans, you will get a cash-back amount each time you execute a trade. There are no time limits and it is 100% free of charge...
We offer a wide variety of advertising opportunities for Forex and other financial companies (advertising banners, placements, etc.). You can advertise your brand to several financial websites as long as your services can really prove to be reliable...