TradeMiner Review

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Trading System: TradeMiner

Asset Classes: Stocks, Forex pairs, and Commodities

Type: Historical Pattern Identification

Platform: Windows | MacOS | Linux

System Price: $194 (one-off)

Introduction to TradeMiner

TradeMiner is trading software that can help traders to identify Historical Seasonal Trends and Market Cycles. Here is some basic information about TradeMiner.

Historical Scans

Quick scan feature allows traders to scan market data seamlessly and identify historical trends that match their criteria.

  1. 'Dig Now" feature which can scan through the Historical Database and identify the trends and cycles that meet your criteria
  2. Selecting how many years to look back
  3. Search for trends by month
  4. Narrow or Expand the trading period
  5. Define the minimum historical accuracy (ie. 70% historical win percentage over five years)
  6. Filtering overlapping trends (i.e. historical trends that start on the same day but end on different days)
  7. TradeMiner will rank higher the picks with the greatest historical gains in the shortest amount of time, with the least historical risk.
  8. The score ranking works on a scale from zero to five and includes an easy-to-read framework (color-coded)

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Analyzing Charts

TradeMiner can monitor the results of previous years and can identify easily risk/reward. Traders can select any of the following charts:

(1) Historical Equity Graph

(2) Year by Year Comparison Graph

(3) Historical Risk vs Reward Graph

(4) Year by Year Trade Details Graph

Customizing Search Optimization

Traders can create custom groups based on a wide variety of filters, including:

  • Price Range
  • Volume
  • P/E (Price/Earnings)
  • Margin per contract
  • Pip or Tic Value

Many additional filters can be applied. TradeMiner makes it easy to select stocks, Forex pairs, and commodities. 

TradeMiner Package

TradeMiner costs $194 (one-off) and the package includes:

  • TradeMiner Software
  • 40+ Years of Historical Market Data
  • One Year Data Newest Trades Info
  • Proprietary Scoring of Historical Trades
  • 30-Day Software Return Guarantee

After-Sales Customer Support

TradeMiner offers customer-support via phone and email.

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TradeMiner Review


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