Trading Forex

 Forex Trading

1.1 Forex Trading for Beginners

The Foreign Exchange Market or Forex is a huge financial market with daily market volumes of $3-4 trillion.

Forex Market History 

The Forex Market began during the 1970s as the world's major countries gradually switched from fixed currency rates (Bretton Woods) to floating exchange rates.

Who Participate 

Many different types of investors are operating within the Forex Market: 1) Central and Commercial Banks 2) Trade Companies 3) Forex Brokers 4) Institutional and Retail Investors.

Central Banks: US Federal Reserve | European Central Bank | Bank of England | Bank of Japan | Swiss National Bank

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1.2 Forex Currency Trading Basics

Which Currencies are traded within Forex

Hundreds of different currencies are traded within Forex, and they are all traded using pairs. Currency pairs are categorized in majors, minors and exotic pairs. The most traded Forex currency pairs that generate about 85% of the total volume are the following:

  • EUR / USD – Euro / US Dollar
  • GBP / USD – British Pound / US Dollar
  • USD / JPY – US Dollar / Japanese Yen
  • USD / CAD – US Dollar / Canadian Dollar
  • AUD / USD – Australian Dollar / US Dollar
  • USD / CHF – US Dollar / Swiss Franc

The majority of the volume in Forex trading is generated by 18 currency pairs.

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1.3 Capital Investor Forex Terminology

In this section you may find the meaning of some of the most important Forex terms:


  • What is Bid / Ask Spread
  • What is the Forex Spread
  • What is Pip
  • What is Trading Leverage (Margin)
  • What is Forex Lot

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1.4. Capital Investor’s Forex Trading Tips

In this section you may find some important tips when trading Forex. The most important of all is to control yourself and discipline your greed. Investors who are seeking to become rich in just one month usually loose or there funds in some weeks. Learning, Strategy and Discipline from the other hand can make you rich in a matter of decades.

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1.5 Forex Reviews & Rating Brokers Formula

The introduction of the Rating Brokers Formula is a innovation and serves an important mission: To provide a 100% objective rating framework in order to evaluate world’s financial brokers. Until today, brokers were rated only by individual users, the problem was that most ratings in the trading industry are fake.

Rating Formula History:

The first two versions of the Rating Formula were applied on Forex Brokers. The version 3.0 and 3.5 was applied on Binary Option Brokers. Information here:

» Forex Broker Rating Formula –V.4.0,

» Binary Option Brokers Formula -V.3.5,

Forex Reviews & Rating Brokers Formula

1.6 Forex Trading Rebates 

Information about the Forex Rebates available for traders today.

Here are some of our Best Forex Rebates

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1.7 Compare Forex Brokers


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Forex Trading

Capital Investor


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Growth, Time & Risk

Capital Investing is all about Balancing Growth, Time and Risk.. 

Balance always your investing decisions between Growth, Time and Risk and you will be rewarded. If you ignore time you will probably get bored while if you ignore risk you will probably get bankrupt. 

(G. P.

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