Forex Trading Rebates

Forex Trading Rebates

What is a Trading Rebate

When a trading account is opened a broker usually pays a commission to the Introducing Agent that brought this client to him. This fact provides a good chance for traders to cash-back a portion of this commission. This how it works

1) A new trading account is opened → and a deposit is made to a Broker

2) The Broker rewards with a cash rebate → the Introducing Agent

3) The Introducing Agent → rewards with a cash rebate the Trader

Notice that if the broker doesn’t reward the introducing agent the cash rebate is lost for everyone. This rebate was never meant to be paid to the trader. Bonuses if any are not affected by these rebates. Allthough usually Brokers that offer bonuses are not offering trading rebates.


How can a Trader Start Earning a Cash Rebate

You must contact us, and that can be done by simple contacting TradingCenter ►here. To save some time you may use the special form found on ►here (int. explorer might having problems)

Keep in mind that rebates process varies by broker related on whether or not you have an existing account. Processes may be easy sometimes, but other times more complicated.

Our rebate service will pay you cash for each one trade you execute. We cooperate with the best Forex Brokers in the world (ECN, STP, Market Makers, CFD Brokers) and provide traders not only with a wide selection but also with free consulting regarding the best trading conditions or special demand for scalpers etc.


How much Money can you Earn using a Rebate

A trading rebate may generate monthly many thousands of dollars per month on behalf of the trader. These factors will determine how much you will earn:

1) The broker that was chosen

2) The type of Forex Pairs that you usually Trade

3) The Volume of your Executed Trades

4) The Frequency that you Execute Trades


How The Trading Rebates are Paid to Traders

Trading Rebates in Forex are paid by us in up to 8 days from the date that they are received from the broker. Payment Methods include Paypal and Bank Wire.


Here are some of the Best Forex Rebate Plans

HotForex Rebate

► XeMarkets Rebate

Forex Rebates via


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Forex Trading Rebates

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