Jason Bond Picks Review

Jason Bond Picks Review

Review Jason Bond Trading Alerts System

Stock-Trading System: Jason Bond Picks

Type: Manual Stock-Trading Alerts (3-5 signals per week)

Delivery: email, SMS text, chat

Trading PlatformAll Platforms (Manual Trading)

Subscription Cost: $497 quarterly (50% discount after 6 months)

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Jason Bond Picks Service

Jason Bond Picks is stock-trading system and trading-alerts service. The subscription service includes the email newsletter plus access to the member area (check below the Bond Day Trades and Blow Up Trades). Bond Swing Trades delivers 3-5 trade alerts per week. Each trade lasts from 1 to 4 trading days. The picks are delivered via email, SMS text or online chat.

“Jason Bond Picks is designed for traders having a full time job who want to trade mainly small-cap stocks”

How much the Subscription Costs?

The Jason Bond Picks subscription service costs $497 quarterly while there is a 50% discount after 6 months of subscription. No trial period or coupons are available.

Trading Education

The Jason Bond Picks service includes also a trading education section. There are specialized lessons for intraday and swing traders using the chat service and video lessons.

JasonBondPicks.com review

Jason Bond Picks Watch List

The developer of the system highlights the value of having a master stock watch list. He argues that by having the right watch list you may maximize the possibilities of beating the market in the long-run. There is a master watch list but also daily watch lists. The Jason Bond Watch List contains three separate groups of interest:

1) Micro Cap Stocks

2) Small Cap Stocks

3) Mid Cap Stocks

Almost all trade alerts are based on stocks listed in the US Markets (Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX).

How the Trading System Works?

The Jason Bond Picks focus on a wide variety of stock assets. The goal is to find and to trade small-cap stocks, targeting returns of about 5-10%. All trades include a stop-loss order. The stop-losses are placed tight which means that the profit to loss ratio (P/L) of the system is very high.

The system analyzes a wide variety of trading factors such is market news, price cycles, price channels and the past reaction of popular stocks to good and to bad news.

The system is designed to take advantage of oversold markets and probable price breakouts, although this type of trading is difficult to be signaled as market breakouts tend to move very fast.

Review Jason Bond Picks

Here are the two systems that are included for free in the alerting service:

1. Bond Day Trades

This service is included for free in the Jason Bond subscription service. This is a chat service for Jason Bond subscribers that focus on small cap stocks. All executed trades are published in the announcements tab. Traders are provided with swing trade alerts (classic stocks and options trading) delivered in real-time.

2. Bond Blow Ups

This service is also included for free in the Jason Bond Swing Trades System. The system is designed to trade exclusively penny stocks and includes news, earnings reports and breakout levels.

What means Swing Trading?

The Jason Bond Picks service focus on swing trades. Swing trading is a popular trading style focusing on trades last from 1 day to 7 trading days. Swing trades can be identified by the use of technical analysis mainly on 4-Hour and 1-day charts.


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Review Jason Bond System

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